July 10, 2010

Aries and the liyoness

You said it'll last
And then regressed
I find myself
Among the rest
In your heart
Another guest

The lioness:
You're not a guest
Like all the rest
You are the owner of this heart
And we will never stay apart
Even if you'll want

I was so wrong
And thought at best
To be a chewed out toy
To suite your taste
I fend the dark
Since you love the Lite
I spell my heart out with an ease of mind
You take my words and echo back
A love so pure any heart could melt

The lioness:
I love both darkness and Lite
'Cause they are together
What makes us better
Black and white! It just feels right

* A beautiful dialogue between the Lioness and her love, Aries .
Just another love story in lyrics, but not like any other .
I thought something like this should be shared with the rest.
( My little sis and her boyfriend )

July 4, 2010

The words

The one thing we all recognize
To give a meaning to our lives
Is everywhere around but still
To find it you need a strong will

Would you know what you're looking for
If it came knocking on your door?
If it was right in front of you
Would you believe it to be true?

It's something that's so hard to find
And sometimes we just act so blind
It's staring right into our face
But still seems lost without a trace

You finally open your eyes
And find out that, to your surprise,
Love was by your side all the way
Even if you felt lost or stray

I looked into her bright green eyes
And after many, many tries
I finally found the strength to say
The words that haunt me every day:

"I love you..."

* The search for love is a journey that takes us so long but is worth every minute spent. Carmen understood that very well , helping me spread the message even further with the translation of the poem : "Cuvintele"

July 3, 2010

Truth is...

The lines I'm bleeding out of me
Are by no meaning poetry
There's no pattern dictating rhymes
It's just the way I feel sometimes

The words that I am writing here
No one can't claim to see them clear
It's no one's place to understand
What was once written by my hand

The thoughts that I now scream out loud
Don't need to be heard by the crowd
Don't analyze what here you've read
And be sure you know what I said

Believe me now! What you see here
Is far away and no where near
The fact, the feeling or emotion
That put my odd world into motion

There's no reason for which I write
Other than to now bring to light
Senseless thoughts that crowded my head
And that I thought had to be read

So believe none of what I said...

* Truth is... we all try to criticize someone's work and figure out how they think. This is a confession to those who claim to know what we write and why we do it. No one can know that and no one can say for sure. And if I said that well enough, Carmen said it even better :))
"E adevărat..."