June 28, 2010

Inside me there is ...you

Inside me there's a massive hole
That's taking all my energy
It's digging deep into my soul
Where no one else's eyes can see

But even so, I feel no pain
Just something that I can't explain
There's emptiness but still there's light
Like a flame that warms up the night

Inside me there is still some hope
Someone up there threw me a rope
To help me rise out of this hell
In which like a blind man I fell

My savior, baby girl, is you
As every time I'm feeling blue
You wake me up from that bad dream
Before my voiceless soul can scream

Inside me there's a lot of strength
To cross this road's entire length
For now I clearly see the way
And to me all shall now obey

Only when Poseidon shall drown
And Hyperion shall leave the sky
When Zeus shall loose his mighty crown
Only then shall our love die

And that will be our last "good bye"...

*The person you love will always take you from the dark place in which you are and show you that life can be beautiful and there still is hope . That is what this poem is trying to show you all, and that is what Carmen says a lot better, in the translation of this poem : "În mine....eşti tu"

June 23, 2010

Some day next fall

I think maybe someday next fall
You'll find out I ain't here no more
You're not gon'find my long gone soul
Won't hear it singing any more

Don't look for me beneath the rocks
Don't cry no tear on the wet grass
I'll be hidden in the rain drops
And through them to me light shall pass

Look at the branches that now burn
Under the fire of the season
To find me now you'll have no reason
As I have gone and won't return

Just listen to the howling wind
That's gently touching your soft skin
Taking away your pain, your blame,
Your regret that I'm not the same

And year by year another fall
Shall come with rain and pale trees
Remember me when the winds call
Your name...just stop and feel the breeze

*A poem that left me with no words. Actually I think it left me with tears instead.
It's not mine. It's Carmen's " Zi de toamnă", a poem that has to be one of the most beautiful I have ever read. Now I just hope that it's wonderful message wasn't lost in my attempt to translate it .

June 20, 2010

Who am I?

It's dark, it's cold and I'm alone
Lying down on a bed of stone
Watching the stars and the full moon
May be too late, but still too soon

As the wind blows through the rare trees
I lift my head to feel the breeze
And hear her calling out my name
"Wake up, my love. Let's play a game!"

She's far away but I can still
Hear her sweet voice and strongly feel
The lovely sense of blackberries
From when we played through the green leafs

I raised my head to see my love
Sitting there on the other side
Of the blue lake that's spreading wide
Over the valley of the dove

So without taking any pause
I raced along the sandy beach
The cold water under my paws
Was freezing but i didn't flinch

And then I saw her standing there
More beautiful than anything
Almost as it would seem unfair
For such beauty to wear a ring

I slowly stepped towards my queen
And looked into her bright green eyes
But what I saw was no surprise
Myself as I have always been

The wolf that's in her every dream...

*A story that almost wrote itself on paper. A dream that I once had.
And Carmen has the power to take one's dream and make it seem alive.
She took mine and turned it into this : Lupul din vis

June 17, 2010

Tick Tock...

Tick Tock Tick Tock
The needle turns round the clock
So shall every second pass
Until we're all out of gas

Tick Tock Tick Tock...
Time is one thing that we lack
And it's never coming back
Unless backwards we could walk

Tick Tock Tick Tock
This is it...We're out of luck
The clock's battery is dead
But that's that. Let's move ahead

Tick Tock Tick...

* Written out of boredom and so on... Don't mind the irony

June 15, 2010

No love, no life, not fair...

No love, no life, not fair
Can't see her anywhere
Where is my girl and why
To find her should try?

Not fair... no love, no life
Love's sharper than a knife
It goes straight through your heart
And then you fall apart.

No life, not fair... No love
My angel up above
Has fallen from the sky
And I'm left here to die

No love, no life, not fair
I can't get any air
But she shows me the light
And holds me in so tight

So I just might...

June 14, 2010

Queen of hearts

They all want to get the Queen of Hearts...

In a game of poker my own heart I have bet
Searching for her eyes, hidden by her hair
No player around me can pose any threat
The queen shall be mine, no other will dare

Can I be so selfish to want your eyes all for myself?
Can I be lost in your beauty, the shine of your hair ?
Will you give me your smile that brings me much wealth ?
I envy that Teddy that hugs you tonight. Am I fair?

A walk in the park...

The sun rose up the other day.
Just like a fool,I looked away
But still I know it's not ok
As my sweet girl is sad today

She is the center of my world
And without her it's all so cold
Don't need to breathe, can 't find my way...
Just wanna know that she's ok

So, baby girl, just please forgive
Me 'cause you just have to believe
That I would never do a thing
To hurt you... my stoned heart would sting

And I'd be dead before you blink
Leaving behind an empty swing...

June 13, 2010

Time to go...

Four years of our life that took us so far
From who we then were to who we now are
A handful of people who made a big difference
We'll never forget no matter the distance

The moments, the feelings, that one memory
Will stay there for ever just for you and me
And we shall remember walking down this halls
Both scared and confident that we'll reach our goals

There's so many things that we left behind
But so many more we still have to find
There's so many people that we'll never see
But so many more on our side will be

The quizzes we failed , the ones that went well
The dirty old black-board, the ring of the bell
The desks in which we hid our every blank thought
The bathrooms we smoked in and sometimes got caught

Such things will forever stay there in our mind
And we're coming back for a chance to find
To walk down this hallway and see them again,
The teachers that thought us all how to be men

In two thousand six we thought we knew all
But only today did we break the wall
Not only we broke it but built a new one
For others behind us to get their own run

June 12, 2010

Little Smurf girl

There are things that you can't forget
And people you'll forever miss
Some stuff that you'll always regret
So little one, remember this

You, girl, will someday change the world
I know you and what you can do
Just making sure you know it too
You warm a place up when it's cold

No one shall stand in your way
When you know you've got things to say
Let nobody destroy your dreams
The world's not as safe as it seems

My little "Strumf", this may be it
As high school's clock slows down the beat
The end of it is the beginning
Of life's new chapter,a new meaning

* Wrote this for who should be, in my opinion, one of the most responsable, the nicest and cutest girls I've known. Little Strumf, you really are gonna change the world some day :)

June 9, 2010

To my little sis...

They say that everything will pass
As time slows down the hour-glass
They say that you'll forget some way
The eyes you don't see every day

They say that friendships will dissolve
That we forget the ones we love
They say a lot , my little sis
But you I'll never have to miss

As I'll always be by your side
No matter how rough is the ride
As I know I can count on you
When I don't know what I should do

So this, my girl, is no "Good bye"
It's just another memory
High school is over but don't cry
What's next? We'll have to wait and see!
To you from me...

* A poem for a girl that has always known how to make me laugh and has always managed to get me out of trouble :)). The best girl ever ;). Thx, little sis :D