August 5, 2010

My story in lyrics

* My story in lyrics closed a big chapter of this story, but only to open the second one , "Second Chapter: Lyrics".

A little blue bird came to me last night
Singing a song that I think just might
Throw some light upon my dark confused path
"Let's make it ok"...and she did just that

The little bird came and gave me a book
She turned to a page..." Come and take a look"
A picture I saw...think I know that guy
...To gain her attention he'd so hardly try

And on the next page, the little princess
Looks back to the boy and softly says "Yes"
Just one little smile, that is all that it took
A story to paint every page in this book

I ran throw its chapters to read the last page
So anxious to know... how'd this love story end?
Five words written there:"And that's it, my friend"
Were taking a peak on life from backstage

I then closed the book, handling it with care
"My story in lyrics" wrote on it's blue cover
I then throw it up, high into the air
The little bird caught it... my dream was now over

Some things in life we won't understand
Like why does this feel good but still is so wrong
Why is there a coda in just every song?
Just know, life goes on...and that's it, my friend

* I wouldn't have thought of a better way to close my blog than with this poem, which I consider to have written pretty well this time :D
And then, Carmen made my day...actually made a lot more :X
Now anyone can read the final chapter of this story, as she translated it into romanian :)
Ultima poveste in versuri

August 2, 2010

One day at a time...

One day my world stopped moving
And for a moment there
I thought that I was dieing
But then ... would have been fair

You came into my heart
It gave itself to you
Then took my soul apart
And painted it in blue

Who knew that little girl
Could mean to me so much
To make my whole world swirl
With just one simple touch?

Took longer then it should
For us to figure out
Exactly where we stood
And what was all about

Still, from that moment on
We knew just what to do
What's done can't be undone
But we'll think this thing through

Finally waking up
We thought that we should close
The'ntire deal. Just stop
And see how it all goes

Taking it one day at a time...
Till I shall write no other rhyme...

* There's a time in our life when changes should be implied. You take your decisions and make those changes with the support of some people. Carmen is one of them. And she understood all of it very well... That's why "Pe rand cate o zi..." is just as it should be...just as it had to be.

August 1, 2010

This ain't no poetry

A poem should be like a mirror
Each image in it showing love
And every path shown's without fear
with stairs that could take us above
Where feelings grow so free and wild
with scents of flowers, sweet and mild

Or it should all be melancholic
Where hurt and fear or doubt and rage
Would throw the words onto the page
To end a love empty and tragic

And in it you could see yourself
Just like those dreams of yours would guide
You in your youth to leave behind
And ride the path of life itself

Even back then you knew it can't
Be that easy life's rules to bend
You knew that all of this will hurt
A war in water, air and dirt
Will claim the a small part of your soul
For you to slowly reach your goal

But still, for you there was still hope
that in the dark you'll find a rope
To pull yourself into the light
So you could go on with your fight

You didn't know that later on
Your own reflection will be gone
The mirror closing you inside
So emptiness shall rule with pride
Over your soul but it won't allow
The pain to make your heart cry now

Then, what I wrote here isn't poetry
The words make sense but the heart's still empty
And if these words you understand
You are to choose how all will end
Stone cold so you won't feel the blame
Or let your heart be covered by love's flame

Look deep into your soul and try to, if you can,
Find meaning in these words, throw all the hurt and pain
So you will learn what makes us so eager to give in
To love with all our heart, even if hell we've seen

But nothing is forever, nothing human at least
Therefore the ones that think that love will never die
Will drown in pain and guilt and fade into the mist
Where there is no more fear, no love, no asking "why?"

Maybe there is still hope, somewhere along this road
That promises you love, but cuts with cupid's sword...

*A view over life, over love and hurt....a poem we can all relate to... never the less a work of art... Carmen's poem, "Ce-am scris aici nu-i poezie"
This poem is actually the last one I've published, but I set the date back with one week in order
to have My story in lyrics as the last one .