August 5, 2010

My story in lyrics

* My story in lyrics closed a big chapter of this story, but only to open the second one , "Second Chapter: Lyrics".

A little blue bird came to me last night
Singing a song that I think just might
Throw some light upon my dark confused path
"Let's make it ok"...and she did just that

The little bird came and gave me a book
She turned to a page..." Come and take a look"
A picture I saw...think I know that guy
...To gain her attention he'd so hardly try

And on the next page, the little princess
Looks back to the boy and softly says "Yes"
Just one little smile, that is all that it took
A story to paint every page in this book

I ran throw its chapters to read the last page
So anxious to know... how'd this love story end?
Five words written there:"And that's it, my friend"
Were taking a peak on life from backstage

I then closed the book, handling it with care
"My story in lyrics" wrote on it's blue cover
I then throw it up, high into the air
The little bird caught it... my dream was now over

Some things in life we won't understand
Like why does this feel good but still is so wrong
Why is there a coda in just every song?
Just know, life goes on...and that's it, my friend

* I wouldn't have thought of a better way to close my blog than with this poem, which I consider to have written pretty well this time :D
And then, Carmen made my day...actually made a lot more :X
Now anyone can read the final chapter of this story, as she translated it into romanian :)
Ultima poveste in versuri

August 2, 2010

One day at a time...

One day my world stopped moving
And for a moment there
I thought that I was dieing
But then ... would have been fair

You came into my heart
It gave itself to you
Then took my soul apart
And painted it in blue

Who knew that little girl
Could mean to me so much
To make my whole world swirl
With just one simple touch?

Took longer then it should
For us to figure out
Exactly where we stood
And what was all about

Still, from that moment on
We knew just what to do
What's done can't be undone
But we'll think this thing through

Finally waking up
We thought that we should close
The'ntire deal. Just stop
And see how it all goes

Taking it one day at a time...
Till I shall write no other rhyme...

* There's a time in our life when changes should be implied. You take your decisions and make those changes with the support of some people. Carmen is one of them. And she understood all of it very well... That's why "Pe rand cate o zi..." is just as it should be...just as it had to be.

August 1, 2010

This ain't no poetry

A poem should be like a mirror
Each image in it showing love
And every path shown's without fear
with stairs that could take us above
Where feelings grow so free and wild
with scents of flowers, sweet and mild

Or it should all be melancholic
Where hurt and fear or doubt and rage
Would throw the words onto the page
To end a love empty and tragic

And in it you could see yourself
Just like those dreams of yours would guide
You in your youth to leave behind
And ride the path of life itself

Even back then you knew it can't
Be that easy life's rules to bend
You knew that all of this will hurt
A war in water, air and dirt
Will claim the a small part of your soul
For you to slowly reach your goal

But still, for you there was still hope
that in the dark you'll find a rope
To pull yourself into the light
So you could go on with your fight

You didn't know that later on
Your own reflection will be gone
The mirror closing you inside
So emptiness shall rule with pride
Over your soul but it won't allow
The pain to make your heart cry now

Then, what I wrote here isn't poetry
The words make sense but the heart's still empty
And if these words you understand
You are to choose how all will end
Stone cold so you won't feel the blame
Or let your heart be covered by love's flame

Look deep into your soul and try to, if you can,
Find meaning in these words, throw all the hurt and pain
So you will learn what makes us so eager to give in
To love with all our heart, even if hell we've seen

But nothing is forever, nothing human at least
Therefore the ones that think that love will never die
Will drown in pain and guilt and fade into the mist
Where there is no more fear, no love, no asking "why?"

Maybe there is still hope, somewhere along this road
That promises you love, but cuts with cupid's sword...

*A view over life, over love and hurt....a poem we can all relate to... never the less a work of art... Carmen's poem, "Ce-am scris aici nu-i poezie"
This poem is actually the last one I've published, but I set the date back with one week in order
to have My story in lyrics as the last one .

July 10, 2010

Aries and the liyoness

You said it'll last
And then regressed
I find myself
Among the rest
In your heart
Another guest

The lioness:
You're not a guest
Like all the rest
You are the owner of this heart
And we will never stay apart
Even if you'll want

I was so wrong
And thought at best
To be a chewed out toy
To suite your taste
I fend the dark
Since you love the Lite
I spell my heart out with an ease of mind
You take my words and echo back
A love so pure any heart could melt

The lioness:
I love both darkness and Lite
'Cause they are together
What makes us better
Black and white! It just feels right

* A beautiful dialogue between the Lioness and her love, Aries .
Just another love story in lyrics, but not like any other .
I thought something like this should be shared with the rest.
( My little sis and her boyfriend )

July 4, 2010

The words

The one thing we all recognize
To give a meaning to our lives
Is everywhere around but still
To find it you need a strong will

Would you know what you're looking for
If it came knocking on your door?
If it was right in front of you
Would you believe it to be true?

It's something that's so hard to find
And sometimes we just act so blind
It's staring right into our face
But still seems lost without a trace

You finally open your eyes
And find out that, to your surprise,
Love was by your side all the way
Even if you felt lost or stray

I looked into her bright green eyes
And after many, many tries
I finally found the strength to say
The words that haunt me every day:

"I love you..."

* The search for love is a journey that takes us so long but is worth every minute spent. Carmen understood that very well , helping me spread the message even further with the translation of the poem : "Cuvintele"

July 3, 2010

Truth is...

The lines I'm bleeding out of me
Are by no meaning poetry
There's no pattern dictating rhymes
It's just the way I feel sometimes

The words that I am writing here
No one can't claim to see them clear
It's no one's place to understand
What was once written by my hand

The thoughts that I now scream out loud
Don't need to be heard by the crowd
Don't analyze what here you've read
And be sure you know what I said

Believe me now! What you see here
Is far away and no where near
The fact, the feeling or emotion
That put my odd world into motion

There's no reason for which I write
Other than to now bring to light
Senseless thoughts that crowded my head
And that I thought had to be read

So believe none of what I said...

* Truth is... we all try to criticize someone's work and figure out how they think. This is a confession to those who claim to know what we write and why we do it. No one can know that and no one can say for sure. And if I said that well enough, Carmen said it even better :))
"E adevărat..."

June 28, 2010

Inside me there is

Inside me there's a massive hole
That's taking all my energy
It's digging deep into my soul
Where no one else's eyes can see

But even so, I feel no pain
Just something that I can't explain
There's emptiness but still there's light
Like a flame that warms up the night

Inside me there is still some hope
Someone up there threw me a rope
To help me rise out of this hell
In which like a blind man I fell

My savior, baby girl, is you
As every time I'm feeling blue
You wake me up from that bad dream
Before my voiceless soul can scream

Inside me there's a lot of strength
To cross this road's entire length
For now I clearly see the way
And to me all shall now obey

Only when Poseidon shall drown
And Hyperion shall leave the sky
When Zeus shall loose his mighty crown
Only then shall our love die

And that will be our last "good bye"...

*The person you love will always take you from the dark place in which you are and show you that life can be beautiful and there still is hope . That is what this poem is trying to show you all, and that is what Carmen says a lot better, in the translation of this poem : "În mine....eşti tu"

June 23, 2010

Some day next fall

I think maybe someday next fall
You'll find out I ain't here no more
You're not gon'find my long gone soul
Won't hear it singing any more

Don't look for me beneath the rocks
Don't cry no tear on the wet grass
I'll be hidden in the rain drops
And through them to me light shall pass

Look at the branches that now burn
Under the fire of the season
To find me now you'll have no reason
As I have gone and won't return

Just listen to the howling wind
That's gently touching your soft skin
Taking away your pain, your blame,
Your regret that I'm not the same

And year by year another fall
Shall come with rain and pale trees
Remember me when the winds call
Your name...just stop and feel the breeze

*A poem that left me with no words. Actually I think it left me with tears instead.
It's not mine. It's Carmen's " Zi de toamnă", a poem that has to be one of the most beautiful I have ever read. Now I just hope that it's wonderful message wasn't lost in my attempt to translate it .

June 20, 2010

Who am I?

It's dark, it's cold and I'm alone
Lying down on a bed of stone
Watching the stars and the full moon
May be too late, but still too soon

As the wind blows through the rare trees
I lift my head to feel the breeze
And hear her calling out my name
"Wake up, my love. Let's play a game!"

She's far away but I can still
Hear her sweet voice and strongly feel
The lovely sense of blackberries
From when we played through the green leafs

I raised my head to see my love
Sitting there on the other side
Of the blue lake that's spreading wide
Over the valley of the dove

So without taking any pause
I raced along the sandy beach
The cold water under my paws
Was freezing but i didn't flinch

And then I saw her standing there
More beautiful than anything
Almost as it would seem unfair
For such beauty to wear a ring

I slowly stepped towards my queen
And looked into her bright green eyes
But what I saw was no surprise
Myself as I have always been

The wolf that's in her every dream...

*A story that almost wrote itself on paper. A dream that I once had.
And Carmen has the power to take one's dream and make it seem alive.
She took mine and turned it into this : Lupul din vis

June 17, 2010

Tick Tock...

Tick Tock Tick Tock
The needle turns round the clock
So shall every second pass
Until we're all out of gas

Tick Tock Tick Tock...
Time is one thing that we lack
And it's never coming back
Unless backwards we could walk

Tick Tock Tick Tock
This is it...We're out of luck
The clock's battery is dead
But that's that. Let's move ahead

Tick Tock Tick...

* Written out of boredom and so on... Don't mind the irony

June 15, 2010

No love, no life, not fair...

No love, no life, not fair
Can't see her anywhere
Where is my girl and why
To find her should try?

Not fair... no love, no life
Love's sharper than a knife
It goes straight through your heart
And then you fall apart.

No life, not fair... No love
My angel up above
Has fallen from the sky
And I'm left here to die

No love, no life, not fair
I can't get any air
But she shows me the light
And holds me in so tight

So I just might...

June 14, 2010

Queen of hearts

They all want to get the Queen of Hearts...

In a game of poker my own heart I have bet
Searching for her eyes, hidden by her hair
No player around me can pose any threat
The queen shall be mine, no other will dare

Can I be so selfish to want your eyes all for myself?
Can I be lost in your beauty, the shine of your hair ?
Will you give me your smile that brings me much wealth ?
I envy that Teddy that hugs you tonight. Am I fair?

A walk in the park...

The sun rose up the other day.
Just like a fool,I looked away
But still I know it's not ok
As my sweet girl is sad today

She is the center of my world
And without her it's all so cold
Don't need to breathe, can 't find my way...
Just wanna know that she's ok

So, baby girl, just please forgive
Me 'cause you just have to believe
That I would never do a thing
To hurt you... my stoned heart would sting

And I'd be dead before you blink
Leaving behind an empty swing...

June 13, 2010

Time to go...

Four years of our life that took us so far
From who we then were to who we now are
A handful of people who made a big difference
We'll never forget no matter the distance

The moments, the feelings, that one memory
Will stay there for ever just for you and me
And we shall remember walking down this halls
Both scared and confident that we'll reach our goals

There's so many things that we left behind
But so many more we still have to find
There's so many people that we'll never see
But so many more on our side will be

The quizzes we failed , the ones that went well
The dirty old black-board, the ring of the bell
The desks in which we hid our every blank thought
The bathrooms we smoked in and sometimes got caught

Such things will forever stay there in our mind
And we're coming back for a chance to find
To walk down this hallway and see them again,
The teachers that thought us all how to be men

In two thousand six we thought we knew all
But only today did we break the wall
Not only we broke it but built a new one
For others behind us to get their own run

June 12, 2010

Little Smurf girl

There are things that you can't forget
And people you'll forever miss
Some stuff that you'll always regret
So little one, remember this

You, girl, will someday change the world
I know you and what you can do
Just making sure you know it too
You warm a place up when it's cold

No one shall stand in your way
When you know you've got things to say
Let nobody destroy your dreams
The world's not as safe as it seems

My little "Strumf", this may be it
As high school's clock slows down the beat
The end of it is the beginning
Of life's new chapter,a new meaning

* Wrote this for who should be, in my opinion, one of the most responsable, the nicest and cutest girls I've known. Little Strumf, you really are gonna change the world some day :)

June 9, 2010

To my little sis...

They say that everything will pass
As time slows down the hour-glass
They say that you'll forget some way
The eyes you don't see every day

They say that friendships will dissolve
That we forget the ones we love
They say a lot , my little sis
But you I'll never have to miss

As I'll always be by your side
No matter how rough is the ride
As I know I can count on you
When I don't know what I should do

So this, my girl, is no "Good bye"
It's just another memory
High school is over but don't cry
What's next? We'll have to wait and see!
To you from me...

* A poem for a girl that has always known how to make me laugh and has always managed to get me out of trouble :)). The best girl ever ;). Thx, little sis :D

May 28, 2010

Te amo

I still remember that one day
Even though it's far away
It was this cold evening, last May
That haunts me every single day

I heard her knocking at my door
She was so beautiful that day
And if I didn't know for sure
I'd think an angel lost it's way

"Invite her in" the voices said
But never mind, she's way ahead
Dancing her way into the room
Before I could say "Back so soon?"

She took my hand into her own
While I sat there just like a stone
And then two words she finally said
That shattered me and left me dead:
"Te amo ..."

* A beautiful story that now has another version, in Romanian, that I know everyone of you will like, thanks to Carmen :D
Te amo

May 22, 2010

Another moment

Another day has passed without me seeing you
It hurts so bad but still I pretend it is not true
Another lonely sunrise I'm living without you
Can make me loose my mind, not knowing what to do

Another windy evening that I spend in the park
Apart from you just feels like I'm drowning in the dark
Another crowded plaza reminds me of the place
That we first met, my darling, something I can't erase

And I remember that day like it was yesterday
That angry bartender we didn't wanna pay
The flower that I bought you, that beautiful blue rose
The month we spent together to see how this thing goes

Another hour like this will be eternity
Another minute here is slowly burning through me
Another second missing you will mean I am dead
Another blink and I won't ever get out this bed

May 20, 2010

A little gift

Imagine that for one day
The world is yours to hold
'Cause, baby, it's you birthday
Or so I have been told

But still, my sweet little princess
It is not just for this one day
As you'll have no more and no less
Than my soul yours in every way

I'd give you all that I can give
And that much I will always do
For as long as I will ever live
The center of my world is you

Today I'm yours so do what may
As all that I can give you's love.
My heart and the blue sky above
Shall be your present for today.

May 18, 2010

I'm here...

As darkness falls and white turns black
Don't even have to turn my back
Don't even have to close my eyes
It ain't that hard to depict lies

Where are you, my sweet girl?
"I'm here..."

I'm whispering into her ear
The words I know she likes to hear
They're on the ground carelessly laid
And then left there away to fade

Where are you, girl?

I turn away and walk towards the door
Leaving a lonely blue rose on the floor
And look into her green eyes one last time
Thinking that this could be that one last rime

Where are you?

* At first said that I wouldn't publish this poem as the emotions on which it was based we're pretty much unfounded.
But still, as I am trying to get all my lyrics together on this blog, I thought again and it should be here after all.
So...just hope you'll like it.
*And like always, Carmen shows me that talent can write any poem just as well as my over-reacted feelings :))
Here's "Sunt aici...", the translation :D.

May 17, 2010

My world in her eyes

The sun just rose on the blue sky
And all the darkness that was there
Faded away so light could come out shy
For a new day to start as it is fair
-My princess just woke up-

If any noise my ears shall hear
It would have turned into a song
A lullaby that sounds so clear
For which I've waited for so long
-My angel said "Hello"-

And any problem that I had
Is now just something from the past
No harm shall come, no fear shall last
'Cause right now I just can't be sad
-My sweet girl smiled-

May 15, 2010


Sometimes you need some magic
To get you through the day
I sounds so tragic
But what is there to say?

When all that you believe real
Seems to be way offline
Faith is what makes your heart feel
Everything will be fine

Some of us call it magic
Most say it's just pure luck
When nothing else seems logic
When first reaction's shock

Magic, faith, luck, whatever
All of them are the same
They're in our mind for ever
It's all part of life's game

True magic's when a writer turns words into creation
When a few simple lines become one's soul salvation
And then it's also magic when two voices create
A love story in lyrics, performing a duet

Oh ... and one more thing then...magic's best form's called love
The only one that covers all that I've said above
Love's joy in it's best moments and hurting in it's worst
It's everything and nothing, the one, the last , the first.

May 14, 2010

I was Jonah

What has God chosen me for?
If I can't see the path no more
How can I be the one to teach
Your will if mine is out of reach?

A simple man can't understand
What You have laid down in my hand
A simple man like me can't know
Your light to others how to show

Forgive me, God, but I just can't
Finish the task for which I have been sent
For this, I beg You, punish me
If not I will find my path on the blue sea

Inside the belly of a monster I'm exiled
For I have now been punished like a child
And by the end of this I'll be reborn
So I shall once more by this life be thorn

Please just set my empty soul free
You evil creature of the sea
As I have my own destiny
To be what only I can be

I fought and fought again, my way out of this jail
By force, by sacrifice, by scratching with my nails
I opened up a window through it's belly... insane
And woke up on an island alone with my own pain

I closed my eyes and prayed
As my own blood was flowing
I was no more afraid
'Cause I know where I'm going

I am to be reborn into a new existence
By the name Jonah never shall I be called upon
I am not dead but now all of my pain is gone
I've given in to faith and show no more resistance

*My homework at Romanian. Wouldn't have worked without the help of Carmen who translated it :)
Am fost Iona

May 13, 2010

She's playing...

A curious girl in such a big world
It's all in her hands like some little toys
And she likes to play like each of us all
But playing with feelings is not a good choice

'Cause hearts can be broken and wounds can't just heal
And playing with fire's a danger so real
'Cause one little girl in such a big world
Burns up my Heaven and makes Hell go cold

One sweet little girl in such a big world
Gives in to temptation and trusts some odd stranger
Risking her on that I just can't afford
Just look at me now! Still want this adventure?

Who's paying the price for one moment of laughter?
"Just having some fun" 's not the answer I'm after
I'm losing my mind... my soul I have sold
To one little girl in such a big world

*For once I actually think that my feelings have been better caught by another poem but mine. Talking about Carmen's version of this one, which I feel is more of me then my own , "Se joacă..."

May 10, 2010


It's red all over when I see your eyes
That shine just like a thousand fireflies
Those big green eyes that I just love
That take me to the heavens up above

It's blue, just like the sky over my head
As I lay down on the wet bench and dream
Your eyes, your hair, your lips so sweet and red
Your smile more beautiful than any I have seen

It's green, just like the grass under your feet
Just like your eyes, the center of my world
Just like the skies on a day that's so cold
Just like the ground on which you sit.

It's white like snow that's covering the lies
It's black just like my soul there for a while
It's every color of the rainbow in your eyes
But still don't know the color of your smile

May 7, 2010

Chapter II

Sweet innocence reminding
Us of a world so pure
A place that takes long finding
But still I'm not that sure

A fresh start? New beginning?
Or just another chapter
A story with no meaning
Lord knows what happens after

But even so, once more
I look back to the time
When in my every rime
Was one word, nothing more

I now realize something
There is no past or future
There's just my soul that's wondering
To find it's one true nature

There's things I can't forget
There's things I won't get over
The voice that's in my head
The one that won me over

This story just ain't over...

* Tears actually...for a minute or two I couldn't really say anything
This is why : " Capitolul II ", translation by Carmen.

April 21, 2010

There's no one

There's nobody here to send away those clouds
To bring me back those dreams so blue
With big strong wings to fly me over crowds
Of white pure birds reminding me of you

And there is no one here to stop the rain
And my blind thoughts to gather back to me
From the abyss where nothing shall remain
To drown them in set me free

There's nobody to slow down that strong wind
To take away to places far from here
All I did wrong, the moments I have sinned
The words that hurt everyone that came near

There's no one now to bring them back to me
My dreams, my music, my sweet light
And throw away my guilt and see
That love will be to me for ever bright.

*A translation of a poem that Carmen posted today and that i like very much.
Here it is : "Si nu e nimeni"

April 14, 2010

I can't...

I can't explain the fact
That I love you so much
If every time I act
You remain out of touch

I can't explain the way
You steal my every word
And when you look away
I'm lost...just like a bird

I can't explain the reason
For why you are that way
And still, just like the season
You take my breath away

I need an explanation
I need to be set free
I need my destination
All I want is to see

April 11, 2010


It's war here on earth and same in the sky
For angels fell down and demons rose high
Amongst us humans they now walk this earth
You might just see them for what it's all worth

With those big black eyes he looks down at you
You look back at him and hope it's not true
But he is a demon...That no one denies
Imagine the pain that went through those eyes

She smiles down at you as she touches the ground
Those white angel wings didn't make a sound
You smile back at her, amazed by her shine
But stop there and think...what do her wings hide

So there you sit still, between heaven and hell
But which do you choose for all to end well?
Do you choose heaven up in the skies
When hell is on earth our entire lives?

No matter who wins the ending's the same
Angels and demons...they all are to blame.
An angel lost wings, a demon his heart
'Cause this is a war and we all take part.

April 7, 2010

It's You

It's just like music to my ears
So profound
Such beauty soaks my eyes in tears
It is truly that perfect sound

It's blood pulsing my every vain
It's what makes my heart go insane
It's what my life is all about
It's every word that I let out

It's spring and winter all in one
It's not a shade of white, nor green
Not even something in between
A color witnessed by no one

It's every time I close my eyes...
There's one image that never dies
That image I'll never forget
And at all times it's in my head

It's every lyric that I write
It's every time I see the light
It's every beating of my heart
It's every day about to start

It's YOU...

Again...and again...and again...she does it every time...and I am left speechless once more.
So....I'll put it as simple as I can.
Carmen is no less then a genius, an artist, a great doctor... a little bit of everything :P
This is it : "Eşti tu".

April 5, 2010

Starless Soul

From time to time, you come my way
Just like a storm that's striking loud
Breaking my wings, unleashing every cloud
Into my soul, taking my star away

And then, when my mind shall go cold
And when my soul is only a dark hole
When words have no meaning at all
I'll ask myself: "Do I still walk this world?"

If one pale smile I see somewhere out there
My lonely star of hope shall shine once more
On the horizon... lighting up the air...
For me to gather back my shattered soul

On my pale face you can still see a tear
Dried up by the last smile I've shown
And in it, the reflection of a face alone
That I've kept hidden in my mind with fear

And then, once more, the storm strikes loud
Remember those flights that fell without a sound
Those broken wings and I'd forget them all
I wish I had my star back...back into my soul

Carmen has always been a huge support and big inspiration for me since I started publishing my poems.
Even more, I had the amazing honor of her having translated two of my poems into Romanian, which meant a lot for me.
Today she published "Suflet fara stea", a poem that I imediatly fell in love with.
I tried translating it into English and hope I didn't destroy it's beauty.
To Carmen... hope you like it:)

April 4, 2010

One kiss

She said that she's going away...
How could I convince her to stay?
For all I want's a little kiss
From that sweet girl I'll always miss

One kiss...

Like Samson loved Delilah,
Naveen loved his princess
I'll love that little angel
More then you'd ever guess

So yes... one kiss does matter
'Cause thinking of that kiss
Whatever I encounter
I'm never gonna miss

What could I do? What should I say?
So that she'll never go away
For all I want's a little kiss
From that sweet girl I'll always miss

Only one kiss...

March 31, 2010

The mirror

"Mirror mirror on the wall
What's for me in this big world?"
Asked the sweet princess one day
As she glanced the mirror's way.

But she didn't get her answer
Even though the mirror knew
So she stepped a little closer
Still not knowing what to do

There she saw him lying down
On the bench under a tree
In his hand holding a crown
That would fit her perfectly

She leaned forward towards the mirror
Wiped the dust off and then kissed it
Under her the stairs would shiver
Running down to meet her prince

There, under the tree, she saw him
Just as the good mirror said
Sitting on the bench and waiting
Holding the crown in his hand

Stop one day and take some time
To look closely in the mirror
You may get a chance see her
And once more admire her shine

Never love

Never knew, never asked, never cared
Never thought that one day y'on't be there
Now I know, like a child, you got scared
Now I know that true love you can't bare

Can I hate that I love you so much
Now that you, baby, are out of touch?
No one here understands how can I
See the stars when I look in your eye

Baby love, now believe me, I know
To be loved there's a long way to go
Reach the stars now I can't, without you
Please come back in my arms. I'm a fool!

Never asked , never cared, never knew
What happened, what went wrong, was it you?
Was it me?....has to be! I don't know
So I' m here lying dead on the snow.

It was love.
Never less, nevermore.

*One of my first poems. Wrote it in 2007. Thought I had lost it.
Have to thank my English teacher for finding it back and much more...

*If this poem is as beautiful as some said....her version is even better:D
Never love translated in Romanian, by Carmen :)

Doar iubire a fost... Şi atât

March 29, 2010

Our song

In time I'll figure out what's wrong
Which is the key that ends our song
And then I'll finally move on
Starting a new one once you're gone

The one song that was meant to be
A lullaby for you and me
Became a ballad for the ones
That lived the same story as us

Our song is not what it should be
It's not what any eye can see
It's not what any ear can hear
Not even I believe it's clear

It can be love to someone's eyes
While someone else only sees lies
It can be music to one's soul
And noise to he who doesn't know

Our not just any song
We've dreamed of it for so so long
Our song is just how it should be
What only you and I can see

Recently I had the incredible honor of having this poem translated into romanian by Carmen, a talented writer that I admire very much. In my opinion, it came out perfectly. Don't know now which one of them I like more.
So this is her version of "Our song", named "Cantecul nostru".
Carmen... thank's :X....speechless

March 24, 2010

Seven days

I went to visit Zeus one day
Just hoping that he knows a way
For one like me to find himself again
So from Olymphia my long journey began

Next stop was at his daughter, Artemys
Her temple rising high above the trees
If anyone could know the way, it's her
For I am lost, my road's no longer sure

In time the pyramids will show
The path to where I have to go
They're pointing south along the line
That Cheops drew for me to find

My journey leads to Babylon
But now the gardens are all gone
The hanging plains the emperor built
Faded away... unlike my guilt

My soul is to be buried underground
My own mausoleum I have found
And just like Mausolus loved his wife
My love for Her will last more than this life

From here my compass leads me over sea
Behind me, standing high, Helios sleeps
The huge colossus points to what shall be
The path for me to follow...gave me creeps

At last... I see the light that's in my dreams
The tall construction that guides all our ships
The isle of Alexandria... or so it seems
The final destination of our trips

My journey took no more than seven days
But still I haven't found that holly place
If seven wonders of the world won't help
Then I am lost... I'll never find myself

* She never seizes to amaze me with her talent, her kind heart and that ability to see my poems the same as me.
Earlier on, Carmen translated "Our song" into Romanian, which I like very much.
Today she showed me the romanian version of this poem.
This is it : "Şapte zile". I say it's amazing.
Thank you, once more, Carmen.
It's an incredible honor for me.

March 22, 2010


Disappointing... the way others react
Every time you make a little mistake
Some of us are jerks and that is a fact
The face that they show is always a fake

No matter what happens they still go their way
Don't try to convince them...there's nothing to say
The world is a screw up as long as they're here
But what can we do? It stinks when they're near

My way

There comes a moment in one's life
When all you have to do's believe
That everything will be alright
'Cause you control the life you live

The key to someone's happiness
Is thinking like an optimist
Just wake up, smile and drink your ness
Then go to work and face the beast

The main thing is to take control
Of whatever may cross your path
And if you know how to do that
I'm sure you'll reach your every goal

* Today's homework at English

March 21, 2010

Bad dreams

Don't really want to go to sleep
I am afraid that i may dream...
The waters that surround my ship
Will drown me...don't know how to swim

The pain, the sorrow in my soul
Devour me from deep within
What i have done and who I've been
Is nothing now...just a dark hole

Then the abyss shall be my place
There's no one near...I'm all alone
The voice that I hear is my own
Why can't I recognise my face?

My dreams erase..........


The anger....the noises...I'm gonna explode
There's nothing to say... my mind just went cold
I'm screaming out loud what no one can hear
Break as i hit the's all so unclear

I raise from the ground and race towards that wall
I'm running so fast...but it still seems too slow
I smash through those bricks...they shatter my soul
Then open my eyes... there's no where to go

What the fuck just happened? the water's so cold!
How did i get here and where is that wall?

Another's eye

To see you in another's eyes...
A little part of me just dies
What do i see?...Whose is that face?
Can't picture you in his embrace

My cry of sorrow stays unheard
Just like a lonely flying bird
One single tear escapes my eye
I realize then...i can't fly!

I'm falling down towards the ground!
I'm to be lost and never found!
It all turns dark, you fade away!
Along with you my soul goes gray!

I hit the ground!!!!!!!!!! I still here?
Why is that shadow coming near?
I close my eyes... make me go blind!
Still... in another's eyes u shined!

My thoughts behind...

* One person actually understood the storm that was going on in my head at the moment I'd written this and translated it better then anyone else could' ve ever. Carmen... În ochii lui

To keep

I know I've subcomed to emotions once more
Believing that someday I'll walk through your door
I now know ... all that it was is a dream
Still waiting to get back from wherever I've been

It's time to go forward, move slowly ahead
And listen once more to the voice in my head
It says it's "Good bye" but you're still in my sleep
As I relive moments you said are "to keep"

And I'll always keep them somewhere in my heart
As memories glow when all others do not
Whatever they say...I'll still see her shine
My angel's still there... she just isn't mine


Someone once told me that this world ain't right
That there are some moments when you lose the fight
If that time is now then why am I here?
Look into my there any fear?

Disappointment sometimes makes you ask the question:
"For what do I fight?" know the answer
You fight for that feeling that you always get
When, at break of dawn, you're holding her hand

Never doubt the power of feelings, my friend
For when you wake up, she's holding your hand
And whatever happened, she'll always be there
So stop all this nonsense, don't you even dare...


What is a miracle?

In life we search for what could be
A miracle our eyes can see
An act of God, oh pure divine
Your ray of light upon me shine

A miracle....misunderstood
Don't get it's meaning like we should
It doesn't take the force of God
To create life, to raise a child

Miracles happen every day
And every time you look away
Behind you, somewhere in the crowd
A miracle is to be found

A miracle is love, my child
No other feeling drives you wild
And when that you will understand
The world is yours to have, dear friend.

March 19, 2010

One word

Like all that's left on earth for us
The sand flows down the hour glass
One spack of dust is all we are
In this big world that spreads so far

One word is all that needs 'be said
The one that makes us go ahead
One word we can not recognise
Can't see it's meaning with our eyes

One angel's all I want to see
'Cause only she can set me free
One kiss, one look into her eyes
The smile that i know never lies

Her hair that shines just like the sun
Her lips that sing a lullaby
Ohh.. then i wake up...and she's gone
But still i know it's not "Goodbye"

It was a dream, like all the rest
It will come true...I'll do my best

So what's the meaning of one's life?
To find true love? To do things right?
I think it's just living the day
And at the end, one word you say:


*A love love story....and she told the story in a way that no one else could have :)
Carmen... "Un cuvânt "