April 21, 2010

There's no one

There's nobody here to send away those clouds
To bring me back those dreams so blue
With big strong wings to fly me over crowds
Of white pure birds reminding me of you

And there is no one here to stop the rain
And my blind thoughts to gather back to me
From the abyss where nothing shall remain
To drown them in water...to set me free

There's nobody to slow down that strong wind
To take away to places far from here
All I did wrong, the moments I have sinned
The words that hurt everyone that came near

There's no one now to bring them back to me
My dreams, my music, my sweet light
And throw away my guilt and see
That love will be to me for ever bright.

*A translation of a poem that Carmen posted today and that i like very much.
Here it is : "Si nu e nimeni"

April 14, 2010

I can't...

I can't explain the fact
That I love you so much
If every time I act
You remain out of touch

I can't explain the way
You steal my every word
And when you look away
I'm lost...just like a bird

I can't explain the reason
For why you are that way
And still, just like the season
You take my breath away

I need an explanation
I need to be set free
I need my destination
All I want is to see

April 11, 2010


It's war here on earth and same in the sky
For angels fell down and demons rose high
Amongst us humans they now walk this earth
You might just see them for what it's all worth

With those big black eyes he looks down at you
You look back at him and hope it's not true
But he is a demon...That no one denies
Imagine the pain that went through those eyes

She smiles down at you as she touches the ground
Those white angel wings didn't make a sound
You smile back at her, amazed by her shine
But stop there and think...what do her wings hide

So there you sit still, between heaven and hell
But which do you choose for all to end well?
Do you choose heaven up in the skies
When hell is on earth our entire lives?

No matter who wins the ending's the same
Angels and demons...they all are to blame.
An angel lost wings, a demon his heart
'Cause this is a war and we all take part.

April 7, 2010

It's You

It's just like music to my ears
So pure...so gentle...so profound
Such beauty soaks my eyes in tears
It is truly that perfect sound

It's blood pulsing my every vain
It's what makes my heart go insane
It's what my life is all about
It's every word that I let out

It's spring and winter all in one
It's not a shade of white, nor green
Not even something in between
A color witnessed by no one

It's every time I close my eyes...
There's one image that never dies
That image I'll never forget
And at all times it's in my head

It's every lyric that I write
It's every time I see the light
It's every beating of my heart
It's every day about to start

It's YOU...

Again...and again...and again...she does it every time...and I am left speechless once more.
So....I'll put it as simple as I can.
Carmen is no less then a genius, an artist, a great doctor... a little bit of everything :P
This is it : "Eşti tu".

April 5, 2010

Starless Soul

From time to time, you come my way
Just like a storm that's striking loud
Breaking my wings, unleashing every cloud
Into my soul, taking my star away

And then, when my mind shall go cold
And when my soul is only a dark hole
When words have no meaning at all
I'll ask myself: "Do I still walk this world?"

If one pale smile I see somewhere out there
My lonely star of hope shall shine once more
On the horizon... lighting up the air...
For me to gather back my shattered soul

On my pale face you can still see a tear
Dried up by the last smile I've shown
And in it, the reflection of a face alone
That I've kept hidden in my mind with fear

And then, once more, the storm strikes loud
Remember those flights that fell without a sound
Those broken wings and I'd forget them all
I wish I had my star back...back into my soul

Carmen has always been a huge support and big inspiration for me since I started publishing my poems.
Even more, I had the amazing honor of her having translated two of my poems into Romanian, which meant a lot for me.
Today she published "Suflet fara stea", a poem that I imediatly fell in love with.
I tried translating it into English and hope I didn't destroy it's beauty.
To Carmen... hope you like it:)

April 4, 2010

One kiss

She said that she's going away...
How could I convince her to stay?
For all I want's a little kiss
From that sweet girl I'll always miss

One kiss...

Like Samson loved Delilah,
Naveen loved his princess
I'll love that little angel
More then you'd ever guess

So yes... one kiss does matter
'Cause thinking of that kiss
Whatever I encounter
I'm never gonna miss

What could I do? What should I say?
So that she'll never go away
For all I want's a little kiss
From that sweet girl I'll always miss

Only one kiss...