March 31, 2010

The mirror

"Mirror mirror on the wall
What's for me in this big world?"
Asked the sweet princess one day
As she glanced the mirror's way.

But she didn't get her answer
Even though the mirror knew
So she stepped a little closer
Still not knowing what to do

There she saw him lying down
On the bench under a tree
In his hand holding a crown
That would fit her perfectly

She leaned forward towards the mirror
Wiped the dust off and then kissed it
Under her the stairs would shiver
Running down to meet her prince

There, under the tree, she saw him
Just as the good mirror said
Sitting on the bench and waiting
Holding the crown in his hand

Stop one day and take some time
To look closely in the mirror
You may get a chance see her
And once more admire her shine

Never love

Never knew, never asked, never cared
Never thought that one day y'on't be there
Now I know, like a child, you got scared
Now I know that true love you can't bare

Can I hate that I love you so much
Now that you, baby, are out of touch?
No one here understands how can I
See the stars when I look in your eye

Baby love, now believe me, I know
To be loved there's a long way to go
Reach the stars now I can't, without you
Please come back in my arms. I'm a fool!

Never asked , never cared, never knew
What happened, what went wrong, was it you?
Was it me?....has to be! I don't know
So I' m here lying dead on the snow.

It was love.
Never less, nevermore.

*One of my first poems. Wrote it in 2007. Thought I had lost it.
Have to thank my English teacher for finding it back and much more...

*If this poem is as beautiful as some said....her version is even better:D
Never love translated in Romanian, by Carmen :)

Doar iubire a fost... Şi atât

March 29, 2010

Our song

In time I'll figure out what's wrong
Which is the key that ends our song
And then I'll finally move on
Starting a new one once you're gone

The one song that was meant to be
A lullaby for you and me
Became a ballad for the ones
That lived the same story as us

Our song is not what it should be
It's not what any eye can see
It's not what any ear can hear
Not even I believe it's clear

It can be love to someone's eyes
While someone else only sees lies
It can be music to one's soul
And noise to he who doesn't know

Our not just any song
We've dreamed of it for so so long
Our song is just how it should be
What only you and I can see

Recently I had the incredible honor of having this poem translated into romanian by Carmen, a talented writer that I admire very much. In my opinion, it came out perfectly. Don't know now which one of them I like more.
So this is her version of "Our song", named "Cantecul nostru".
Carmen... thank's :X....speechless

March 24, 2010

Seven days

I went to visit Zeus one day
Just hoping that he knows a way
For one like me to find himself again
So from Olymphia my long journey began

Next stop was at his daughter, Artemys
Her temple rising high above the trees
If anyone could know the way, it's her
For I am lost, my road's no longer sure

In time the pyramids will show
The path to where I have to go
They're pointing south along the line
That Cheops drew for me to find

My journey leads to Babylon
But now the gardens are all gone
The hanging plains the emperor built
Faded away... unlike my guilt

My soul is to be buried underground
My own mausoleum I have found
And just like Mausolus loved his wife
My love for Her will last more than this life

From here my compass leads me over sea
Behind me, standing high, Helios sleeps
The huge colossus points to what shall be
The path for me to follow...gave me creeps

At last... I see the light that's in my dreams
The tall construction that guides all our ships
The isle of Alexandria... or so it seems
The final destination of our trips

My journey took no more than seven days
But still I haven't found that holly place
If seven wonders of the world won't help
Then I am lost... I'll never find myself

* She never seizes to amaze me with her talent, her kind heart and that ability to see my poems the same as me.
Earlier on, Carmen translated "Our song" into Romanian, which I like very much.
Today she showed me the romanian version of this poem.
This is it : "Şapte zile". I say it's amazing.
Thank you, once more, Carmen.
It's an incredible honor for me.

March 22, 2010


Disappointing... the way others react
Every time you make a little mistake
Some of us are jerks and that is a fact
The face that they show is always a fake

No matter what happens they still go their way
Don't try to convince them...there's nothing to say
The world is a screw up as long as they're here
But what can we do? It stinks when they're near

My way

There comes a moment in one's life
When all you have to do's believe
That everything will be alright
'Cause you control the life you live

The key to someone's happiness
Is thinking like an optimist
Just wake up, smile and drink your ness
Then go to work and face the beast

The main thing is to take control
Of whatever may cross your path
And if you know how to do that
I'm sure you'll reach your every goal

* Today's homework at English

March 21, 2010

Bad dreams

Don't really want to go to sleep
I am afraid that i may dream...
The waters that surround my ship
Will drown me...don't know how to swim

The pain, the sorrow in my soul
Devour me from deep within
What i have done and who I've been
Is nothing now...just a dark hole

Then the abyss shall be my place
There's no one near...I'm all alone
The voice that I hear is my own
Why can't I recognise my face?

My dreams erase..........


The anger....the noises...I'm gonna explode
There's nothing to say... my mind just went cold
I'm screaming out loud what no one can hear
Break as i hit the's all so unclear

I raise from the ground and race towards that wall
I'm running so fast...but it still seems too slow
I smash through those bricks...they shatter my soul
Then open my eyes... there's no where to go

What the fuck just happened? the water's so cold!
How did i get here and where is that wall?

Another's eye

To see you in another's eyes...
A little part of me just dies
What do i see?...Whose is that face?
Can't picture you in his embrace

My cry of sorrow stays unheard
Just like a lonely flying bird
One single tear escapes my eye
I realize then...i can't fly!

I'm falling down towards the ground!
I'm to be lost and never found!
It all turns dark, you fade away!
Along with you my soul goes gray!

I hit the ground!!!!!!!!!! I still here?
Why is that shadow coming near?
I close my eyes... make me go blind!
Still... in another's eyes u shined!

My thoughts behind...

* One person actually understood the storm that was going on in my head at the moment I'd written this and translated it better then anyone else could' ve ever. Carmen... În ochii lui

To keep

I know I've subcomed to emotions once more
Believing that someday I'll walk through your door
I now know ... all that it was is a dream
Still waiting to get back from wherever I've been

It's time to go forward, move slowly ahead
And listen once more to the voice in my head
It says it's "Good bye" but you're still in my sleep
As I relive moments you said are "to keep"

And I'll always keep them somewhere in my heart
As memories glow when all others do not
Whatever they say...I'll still see her shine
My angel's still there... she just isn't mine


Someone once told me that this world ain't right
That there are some moments when you lose the fight
If that time is now then why am I here?
Look into my there any fear?

Disappointment sometimes makes you ask the question:
"For what do I fight?" know the answer
You fight for that feeling that you always get
When, at break of dawn, you're holding her hand

Never doubt the power of feelings, my friend
For when you wake up, she's holding your hand
And whatever happened, she'll always be there
So stop all this nonsense, don't you even dare...


What is a miracle?

In life we search for what could be
A miracle our eyes can see
An act of God, oh pure divine
Your ray of light upon me shine

A miracle....misunderstood
Don't get it's meaning like we should
It doesn't take the force of God
To create life, to raise a child

Miracles happen every day
And every time you look away
Behind you, somewhere in the crowd
A miracle is to be found

A miracle is love, my child
No other feeling drives you wild
And when that you will understand
The world is yours to have, dear friend.

March 19, 2010

One word

Like all that's left on earth for us
The sand flows down the hour glass
One spack of dust is all we are
In this big world that spreads so far

One word is all that needs 'be said
The one that makes us go ahead
One word we can not recognise
Can't see it's meaning with our eyes

One angel's all I want to see
'Cause only she can set me free
One kiss, one look into her eyes
The smile that i know never lies

Her hair that shines just like the sun
Her lips that sing a lullaby
Ohh.. then i wake up...and she's gone
But still i know it's not "Goodbye"

It was a dream, like all the rest
It will come true...I'll do my best

So what's the meaning of one's life?
To find true love? To do things right?
I think it's just living the day
And at the end, one word you say:


*A love love story....and she told the story in a way that no one else could have :)
Carmen... "Un cuvânt "