July 10, 2010

Aries and the liyoness

You said it'll last
And then regressed
I find myself
Among the rest
In your heart
Another guest

The lioness:
You're not a guest
Like all the rest
You are the owner of this heart
And we will never stay apart
Even if you'll want

I was so wrong
And thought at best
To be a chewed out toy
To suite your taste
I fend the dark
Since you love the Lite
I spell my heart out with an ease of mind
You take my words and echo back
A love so pure any heart could melt

The lioness:
I love both darkness and Lite
'Cause they are together
What makes us better
Black and white! It just feels right

* A beautiful dialogue between the Lioness and her love, Aries .
Just another love story in lyrics, but not like any other .
I thought something like this should be shared with the rest.
( My little sis and her boyfriend )


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