May 28, 2010

Te amo

I still remember that one day
Even though it's far away
It was this cold evening, last May
That haunts me every single day

I heard her knocking at my door
She was so beautiful that day
And if I didn't know for sure
I'd think an angel lost it's way

"Invite her in" the voices said
But never mind, she's way ahead
Dancing her way into the room
Before I could say "Back so soon?"

She took my hand into her own
While I sat there just like a stone
And then two words she finally said
That shattered me and left me dead:
"Te amo ..."

* A beautiful story that now has another version, in Romanian, that I know everyone of you will like, thanks to Carmen :D
Te amo

May 22, 2010

Another moment

Another day has passed without me seeing you
It hurts so bad but still I pretend it is not true
Another lonely sunrise I'm living without you
Can make me loose my mind, not knowing what to do

Another windy evening that I spend in the park
Apart from you just feels like I'm drowning in the dark
Another crowded plaza reminds me of the place
That we first met, my darling, something I can't erase

And I remember that day like it was yesterday
That angry bartender we didn't wanna pay
The flower that I bought you, that beautiful blue rose
The month we spent together to see how this thing goes

Another hour like this will be eternity
Another minute here is slowly burning through me
Another second missing you will mean I am dead
Another blink and I won't ever get out this bed

May 20, 2010

A little gift

Imagine that for one day
The world is yours to hold
'Cause, baby, it's you birthday
Or so I have been told

But still, my sweet little princess
It is not just for this one day
As you'll have no more and no less
Than my soul yours in every way

I'd give you all that I can give
And that much I will always do
For as long as I will ever live
The center of my world is you

Today I'm yours so do what may
As all that I can give you's love.
My heart and the blue sky above
Shall be your present for today.

May 18, 2010

I'm here...

As darkness falls and white turns black
Don't even have to turn my back
Don't even have to close my eyes
It ain't that hard to depict lies

Where are you, my sweet girl?
"I'm here..."

I'm whispering into her ear
The words I know she likes to hear
They're on the ground carelessly laid
And then left there away to fade

Where are you, girl?

I turn away and walk towards the door
Leaving a lonely blue rose on the floor
And look into her green eyes one last time
Thinking that this could be that one last rime

Where are you?

* At first said that I wouldn't publish this poem as the emotions on which it was based we're pretty much unfounded.
But still, as I am trying to get all my lyrics together on this blog, I thought again and it should be here after all.
So...just hope you'll like it.
*And like always, Carmen shows me that talent can write any poem just as well as my over-reacted feelings :))
Here's "Sunt aici...", the translation :D.

May 17, 2010

My world in her eyes

The sun just rose on the blue sky
And all the darkness that was there
Faded away so light could come out shy
For a new day to start as it is fair
-My princess just woke up-

If any noise my ears shall hear
It would have turned into a song
A lullaby that sounds so clear
For which I've waited for so long
-My angel said "Hello"-

And any problem that I had
Is now just something from the past
No harm shall come, no fear shall last
'Cause right now I just can't be sad
-My sweet girl smiled-

May 15, 2010


Sometimes you need some magic
To get you through the day
I sounds so tragic
But what is there to say?

When all that you believe real
Seems to be way offline
Faith is what makes your heart feel
Everything will be fine

Some of us call it magic
Most say it's just pure luck
When nothing else seems logic
When first reaction's shock

Magic, faith, luck, whatever
All of them are the same
They're in our mind for ever
It's all part of life's game

True magic's when a writer turns words into creation
When a few simple lines become one's soul salvation
And then it's also magic when two voices create
A love story in lyrics, performing a duet

Oh ... and one more thing then...magic's best form's called love
The only one that covers all that I've said above
Love's joy in it's best moments and hurting in it's worst
It's everything and nothing, the one, the last , the first.

May 14, 2010

I was Jonah

What has God chosen me for?
If I can't see the path no more
How can I be the one to teach
Your will if mine is out of reach?

A simple man can't understand
What You have laid down in my hand
A simple man like me can't know
Your light to others how to show

Forgive me, God, but I just can't
Finish the task for which I have been sent
For this, I beg You, punish me
If not I will find my path on the blue sea

Inside the belly of a monster I'm exiled
For I have now been punished like a child
And by the end of this I'll be reborn
So I shall once more by this life be thorn

Please just set my empty soul free
You evil creature of the sea
As I have my own destiny
To be what only I can be

I fought and fought again, my way out of this jail
By force, by sacrifice, by scratching with my nails
I opened up a window through it's belly... insane
And woke up on an island alone with my own pain

I closed my eyes and prayed
As my own blood was flowing
I was no more afraid
'Cause I know where I'm going

I am to be reborn into a new existence
By the name Jonah never shall I be called upon
I am not dead but now all of my pain is gone
I've given in to faith and show no more resistance

*My homework at Romanian. Wouldn't have worked without the help of Carmen who translated it :)
Am fost Iona

May 13, 2010

She's playing...

A curious girl in such a big world
It's all in her hands like some little toys
And she likes to play like each of us all
But playing with feelings is not a good choice

'Cause hearts can be broken and wounds can't just heal
And playing with fire's a danger so real
'Cause one little girl in such a big world
Burns up my Heaven and makes Hell go cold

One sweet little girl in such a big world
Gives in to temptation and trusts some odd stranger
Risking her on that I just can't afford
Just look at me now! Still want this adventure?

Who's paying the price for one moment of laughter?
"Just having some fun" 's not the answer I'm after
I'm losing my mind... my soul I have sold
To one little girl in such a big world

*For once I actually think that my feelings have been better caught by another poem but mine. Talking about Carmen's version of this one, which I feel is more of me then my own , "Se joacă..."

May 10, 2010


It's red all over when I see your eyes
That shine just like a thousand fireflies
Those big green eyes that I just love
That take me to the heavens up above

It's blue, just like the sky over my head
As I lay down on the wet bench and dream
Your eyes, your hair, your lips so sweet and red
Your smile more beautiful than any I have seen

It's green, just like the grass under your feet
Just like your eyes, the center of my world
Just like the skies on a day that's so cold
Just like the ground on which you sit.

It's white like snow that's covering the lies
It's black just like my soul there for a while
It's every color of the rainbow in your eyes
But still don't know the color of your smile

May 7, 2010

Chapter II

Sweet innocence reminding
Us of a world so pure
A place that takes long finding
But still I'm not that sure

A fresh start? New beginning?
Or just another chapter
A story with no meaning
Lord knows what happens after

But even so, once more
I look back to the time
When in my every rime
Was one word, nothing more

I now realize something
There is no past or future
There's just my soul that's wondering
To find it's one true nature

There's things I can't forget
There's things I won't get over
The voice that's in my head
The one that won me over

This story just ain't over...

* Tears actually...for a minute or two I couldn't really say anything
This is why : " Capitolul II ", translation by Carmen.