August 2, 2010

One day at a time...

One day my world stopped moving
And for a moment there
I thought that I was dieing
But then ... would have been fair

You came into my heart
It gave itself to you
Then took my soul apart
And painted it in blue

Who knew that little girl
Could mean to me so much
To make my whole world swirl
With just one simple touch?

Took longer then it should
For us to figure out
Exactly where we stood
And what was all about

Still, from that moment on
We knew just what to do
What's done can't be undone
But we'll think this thing through

Finally waking up
We thought that we should close
The'ntire deal. Just stop
And see how it all goes

Taking it one day at a time...
Till I shall write no other rhyme...

* There's a time in our life when changes should be implied. You take your decisions and make those changes with the support of some people. Carmen is one of them. And she understood all of it very well... That's why "Pe rand cate o zi..." is just as it should be...just as it had to be.


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