August 5, 2010

My story in lyrics

* My story in lyrics closed a big chapter of this story, but only to open the second one , "Second Chapter: Lyrics".

A little blue bird came to me last night
Singing a song that I think just might
Throw some light upon my dark confused path
"Let's make it ok"...and she did just that

The little bird came and gave me a book
She turned to a page..." Come and take a look"
A picture I saw...think I know that guy
...To gain her attention he'd so hardly try

And on the next page, the little princess
Looks back to the boy and softly says "Yes"
Just one little smile, that is all that it took
A story to paint every page in this book

I ran throw its chapters to read the last page
So anxious to know... how'd this love story end?
Five words written there:"And that's it, my friend"
Were taking a peak on life from backstage

I then closed the book, handling it with care
"My story in lyrics" wrote on it's blue cover
I then throw it up, high into the air
The little bird caught it... my dream was now over

Some things in life we won't understand
Like why does this feel good but still is so wrong
Why is there a coda in just every song?
Just know, life goes on...and that's it, my friend

* I wouldn't have thought of a better way to close my blog than with this poem, which I consider to have written pretty well this time :D
And then, Carmen made my day...actually made a lot more :X
Now anyone can read the final chapter of this story, as she translated it into romanian :)
Ultima poveste in versuri


carmen said...

"Just know, life goes on...and that's it, my friend"...
Şi chiar dacă trece rămân amintiri,
Iubiri se destramă şi iar cresc iubiri,
Cât visul te poartă, viaţa-i un zbor,
Pe suflet, pe soartă nu creşte vreun nor,
Iar versul rămâne, când altele mor.

Anonymous said...


"There’s got to be more
Than this life you know
But still you're here fighting to never give up.."

Anonymous said...
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Author said...

Pfff...remembering those times :))

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

si eu cand zic popa, el batman :))

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