April 11, 2010


It's war here on earth and same in the sky
For angels fell down and demons rose high
Amongst us humans they now walk this earth
You might just see them for what it's all worth

With those big black eyes he looks down at you
You look back at him and hope it's not true
But he is a demon...That no one denies
Imagine the pain that went through those eyes

She smiles down at you as she touches the ground
Those white angel wings didn't make a sound
You smile back at her, amazed by her shine
But stop there and think...what do her wings hide

So there you sit still, between heaven and hell
But which do you choose for all to end well?
Do you choose heaven up in the skies
When hell is on earth our entire lives?

No matter who wins the ending's the same
Angels and demons...they all are to blame.
An angel lost wings, a demon his heart
'Cause this is a war and we all take part.


no name said...

war is everywhere

carmen said...

There's more than black and white... a lot of grey paints our lifes. "An angel lost wings, a demon his heart". They are so human! Maybe this is the reason.

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