April 5, 2010

Starless Soul

From time to time, you come my way
Just like a storm that's striking loud
Breaking my wings, unleashing every cloud
Into my soul, taking my star away

And then, when my mind shall go cold
And when my soul is only a dark hole
When words have no meaning at all
I'll ask myself: "Do I still walk this world?"

If one pale smile I see somewhere out there
My lonely star of hope shall shine once more
On the horizon... lighting up the air...
For me to gather back my shattered soul

On my pale face you can still see a tear
Dried up by the last smile I've shown
And in it, the reflection of a face alone
That I've kept hidden in my mind with fear

And then, once more, the storm strikes loud
Remember those flights that fell without a sound
Those broken wings and I'd forget them all
I wish I had my star back...back into my soul

Carmen has always been a huge support and big inspiration for me since I started publishing my poems.
Even more, I had the amazing honor of her having translated two of my poems into Romanian, which meant a lot for me.
Today she published "Suflet fara stea", a poem that I imediatly fell in love with.
I tried translating it into English and hope I didn't destroy it's beauty.
To Carmen... hope you like it:)


carmen said...

Greu de gasit cuvinte care sa spuna ce furtuna de emotii e acum in sufletul meu si cat sunt de incantata de aceste versuri care suna la fel de adevarat in engleza. Si, mai mult decat orice, sunt recunoscatoare pentru ca gandurile mele pot ajunge la mult mai multi iubitori de poezie. Multumesc din suflet!

Anonymous said...

doi artisti in devenire :> tare poezia:x

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