April 7, 2010

It's You

It's just like music to my ears
So pure...so gentle...so profound
Such beauty soaks my eyes in tears
It is truly that perfect sound

It's blood pulsing my every vain
It's what makes my heart go insane
It's what my life is all about
It's every word that I let out

It's spring and winter all in one
It's not a shade of white, nor green
Not even something in between
A color witnessed by no one

It's every time I close my eyes...
There's one image that never dies
That image I'll never forget
And at all times it's in my head

It's every lyric that I write
It's every time I see the light
It's every beating of my heart
It's every day about to start

It's YOU...

Again...and again...and again...she does it every time...and I am left speechless once more.
So....I'll put it as simple as I can.
Carmen is no less then a genius, an artist, a great doctor... a little bit of everything :P
This is it : "Eşti tu".


Anonymous said...

It's everything.It's you :x

carmen said...

Desenează şi scrie şi cântă iubirea :X

no name said...

It's something you will never forget, it's the love... the love for her, for everytthing:>

carmen said...

As simple as you can...is too much.
Am încercat să mă apropii de poezia originală,
de muzica ei, de emoţiile din care a paărut...

carmen said...


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