April 21, 2010

There's no one

There's nobody here to send away those clouds
To bring me back those dreams so blue
With big strong wings to fly me over crowds
Of white pure birds reminding me of you

And there is no one here to stop the rain
And my blind thoughts to gather back to me
From the abyss where nothing shall remain
To drown them in water...to set me free

There's nobody to slow down that strong wind
To take away to places far from here
All I did wrong, the moments I have sinned
The words that hurt everyone that came near

There's no one now to bring them back to me
My dreams, my music, my sweet light
And throw away my guilt and see
That love will be to me for ever bright.

*A translation of a poem that Carmen posted today and that i like very much.
Here it is : "Si nu e nimeni"


carmen said...

E chiar aşa cum am scris-o eu, doar că în altă limbă... Şi nu încetez să mă mir şi să admir cît de uşor faci să pară să scrii versuri care cântă singure în engleză. Poezia e de cele mai multe ori îngrădită de bariere de limbă, dar tu reuşeşti mereu să le ştergi. Mulţumesc mai mult decât ştiu să spun prin cuvinte!

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