May 7, 2010

Chapter II

Sweet innocence reminding
Us of a world so pure
A place that takes long finding
But still I'm not that sure

A fresh start? New beginning?
Or just another chapter
A story with no meaning
Lord knows what happens after

But even so, once more
I look back to the time
When in my every rime
Was one word, nothing more

I now realize something
There is no past or future
There's just my soul that's wondering
To find it's one true nature

There's things I can't forget
There's things I won't get over
The voice that's in my head
The one that won me over

This story just ain't over...

* Tears actually...for a minute or two I couldn't really say anything
This is why : " Capitolul II ", translation by Carmen.


Anonymous said...

every story has more than one chapter :x

Anonymous said...

and every story has a last chapter...if you want you just have to get not so difficult

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