June 23, 2010

Some day next fall

I think maybe someday next fall
You'll find out I ain't here no more
You're not gon'find my long gone soul
Won't hear it singing any more

Don't look for me beneath the rocks
Don't cry no tear on the wet grass
I'll be hidden in the rain drops
And through them to me light shall pass

Look at the branches that now burn
Under the fire of the season
To find me now you'll have no reason
As I have gone and won't return

Just listen to the howling wind
That's gently touching your soft skin
Taking away your pain, your blame,
Your regret that I'm not the same

And year by year another fall
Shall come with rain and pale trees
Remember me when the winds call
Your name...just stop and feel the breeze

*A poem that left me with no words. Actually I think it left me with tears instead.
It's not mine. It's Carmen's " Zi de toamnă", a poem that has to be one of the most beautiful I have ever read. Now I just hope that it's wonderful message wasn't lost in my attempt to translate it .


carmen said...

Lacrimi care trec prin cuvinte între suflete...
Mulţumesc mult de tot!>:D<

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