June 20, 2010

Who am I?

It's dark, it's cold and I'm alone
Lying down on a bed of stone
Watching the stars and the full moon
May be too late, but still too soon

As the wind blows through the rare trees
I lift my head to feel the breeze
And hear her calling out my name
"Wake up, my love. Let's play a game!"

She's far away but I can still
Hear her sweet voice and strongly feel
The lovely sense of blackberries
From when we played through the green leafs

I raised my head to see my love
Sitting there on the other side
Of the blue lake that's spreading wide
Over the valley of the dove

So without taking any pause
I raced along the sandy beach
The cold water under my paws
Was freezing but i didn't flinch

And then I saw her standing there
More beautiful than anything
Almost as it would seem unfair
For such beauty to wear a ring

I slowly stepped towards my queen
And looked into her bright green eyes
But what I saw was no surprise
Myself as I have always been

The wolf that's in her every dream...

*A story that almost wrote itself on paper. A dream that I once had.
And Carmen has the power to take one's dream and make it seem alive.
She took mine and turned it into this : Lupul din vis


carmen said...

Visul trăia deja când l-am citit. Şi m-a prins în vraja şi misterul lui. Fără scăpare.

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