June 12, 2010

Little Smurf girl

There are things that you can't forget
And people you'll forever miss
Some stuff that you'll always regret
So little one, remember this

You, girl, will someday change the world
I know you and what you can do
Just making sure you know it too
You warm a place up when it's cold

No one shall stand in your way
When you know you've got things to say
Let nobody destroy your dreams
The world's not as safe as it seems

My little "Strumf", this may be it
As high school's clock slows down the beat
The end of it is the beginning
Of life's new chapter,a new meaning

* Wrote this for who should be, in my opinion, one of the most responsable, the nicest and cutest girls I've known. Little Strumf, you really are gonna change the world some day :)


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