June 13, 2010

Time to go...

Four years of our life that took us so far
From who we then were to who we now are
A handful of people who made a big difference
We'll never forget no matter the distance

The moments, the feelings, that one memory
Will stay there for ever just for you and me
And we shall remember walking down this halls
Both scared and confident that we'll reach our goals

There's so many things that we left behind
But so many more we still have to find
There's so many people that we'll never see
But so many more on our side will be

The quizzes we failed , the ones that went well
The dirty old black-board, the ring of the bell
The desks in which we hid our every blank thought
The bathrooms we smoked in and sometimes got caught

Such things will forever stay there in our mind
And we're coming back for a chance to find
To walk down this hallway and see them again,
The teachers that thought us all how to be men

In two thousand six we thought we knew all
But only today did we break the wall
Not only we broke it but built a new one
For others behind us to get their own run


Chocolate Girl said...

highschool :X best period of one's life

Anonymous said...

Highschool :( :-< prea tare poemul :P

Author said...

Hmmm...we'll miss it a lot =((
This is a little tribute to High School and all that it meant for us as students there. Glad you like it :)
And welcome to my blog btw :))

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