June 9, 2010

To my little sis...

They say that everything will pass
As time slows down the hour-glass
They say that you'll forget some way
The eyes you don't see every day

They say that friendships will dissolve
That we forget the ones we love
They say a lot , my little sis
But you I'll never have to miss

As I'll always be by your side
No matter how rough is the ride
As I know I can count on you
When I don't know what I should do

So this, my girl, is no "Good bye"
It's just another memory
High school is over but don't cry
What's next? We'll have to wait and see!
To you from me...

* A poem for a girl that has always known how to make me laugh and has always managed to get me out of trouble :)). The best girl ever ;). Thx, little sis :D


his sis liy said...

Thank you bro! I'll never forget the curly haired boy that I used to muck, that I used to cry all my problems to, that I used to help whenever he needed me and I will always be by your side "no matter how rough is the ride". Keep writing bro and never forget that your little sis will always criticize you poetry :))!

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