June 28, 2010

Inside me there is ...you

Inside me there's a massive hole
That's taking all my energy
It's digging deep into my soul
Where no one else's eyes can see

But even so, I feel no pain
Just something that I can't explain
There's emptiness but still there's light
Like a flame that warms up the night

Inside me there is still some hope
Someone up there threw me a rope
To help me rise out of this hell
In which like a blind man I fell

My savior, baby girl, is you
As every time I'm feeling blue
You wake me up from that bad dream
Before my voiceless soul can scream

Inside me there's a lot of strength
To cross this road's entire length
For now I clearly see the way
And to me all shall now obey

Only when Poseidon shall drown
And Hyperion shall leave the sky
When Zeus shall loose his mighty crown
Only then shall our love die

And that will be our last "good bye"...

*The person you love will always take you from the dark place in which you are and show you that life can be beautiful and there still is hope . That is what this poem is trying to show you all, and that is what Carmen says a lot better, in the translation of this poem : "În mine....eşti tu"


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