March 24, 2010

Seven days

I went to visit Zeus one day
Just hoping that he knows a way
For one like me to find himself again
So from Olymphia my long journey began

Next stop was at his daughter, Artemys
Her temple rising high above the trees
If anyone could know the way, it's her
For I am lost, my road's no longer sure

In time the pyramids will show
The path to where I have to go
They're pointing south along the line
That Cheops drew for me to find

My journey leads to Babylon
But now the gardens are all gone
The hanging plains the emperor built
Faded away... unlike my guilt

My soul is to be buried underground
My own mausoleum I have found
And just like Mausolus loved his wife
My love for Her will last more than this life

From here my compass leads me over sea
Behind me, standing high, Helios sleeps
The huge colossus points to what shall be
The path for me to follow...gave me creeps

At last... I see the light that's in my dreams
The tall construction that guides all our ships
The isle of Alexandria... or so it seems
The final destination of our trips

My journey took no more than seven days
But still I haven't found that holly place
If seven wonders of the world won't help
Then I am lost... I'll never find myself

* She never seizes to amaze me with her talent, her kind heart and that ability to see my poems the same as me.
Earlier on, Carmen translated "Our song" into Romanian, which I like very much.
Today she showed me the romanian version of this poem.
This is it : "Şapte zile". I say it's amazing.
Thank you, once more, Carmen.
It's an incredible honor for me.


carmen said...

A opta minune a lumii e iubirea.

carmen said...

Multumesc mult pentru gandurile frumoase, dar aceleasi vorbe le meriti cel putin in aceeasi masura cu mine. N-am facut decat sa pun in romana ceea ce ai scris cu talent si inspiratie.

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