March 21, 2010

Another's eye

To see you in another's eyes...
A little part of me just dies
What do i see?...Whose is that face?
Can't picture you in his embrace

My cry of sorrow stays unheard
Just like a lonely flying bird
One single tear escapes my eye
I realize then...i can't fly!

I'm falling down towards the ground!
I'm to be lost and never found!
It all turns dark, you fade away!
Along with you my soul goes gray!

I hit the ground!!!!!!!!!! I still here?
Why is that shadow coming near?
I close my eyes... make me go blind!
Still... in another's eyes u shined!

My thoughts behind...

* One person actually understood the storm that was going on in my head at the moment I'd written this and translated it better then anyone else could' ve ever. Carmen... În ochii lui


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