March 21, 2010

To keep

I know I've subcomed to emotions once more
Believing that someday I'll walk through your door
I now know ... all that it was is a dream
Still waiting to get back from wherever I've been

It's time to go forward, move slowly ahead
And listen once more to the voice in my head
It says it's "Good bye" but you're still in my sleep
As I relive moments you said are "to keep"

And I'll always keep them somewhere in my heart
As memories glow when all others do not
Whatever they say...I'll still see her shine
My angel's still there... she just isn't mine


guess who :> said...

cred ca asta imi place cel mai mult:))
ica sunt nehotarata:-?

Anonymous said...

second one:)) dupa "one word":x

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