March 31, 2010

The mirror

"Mirror mirror on the wall
What's for me in this big world?"
Asked the sweet princess one day
As she glanced the mirror's way.

But she didn't get her answer
Even though the mirror knew
So she stepped a little closer
Still not knowing what to do

There she saw him lying down
On the bench under a tree
In his hand holding a crown
That would fit her perfectly

She leaned forward towards the mirror
Wiped the dust off and then kissed it
Under her the stairs would shiver
Running down to meet her prince

There, under the tree, she saw him
Just as the good mirror said
Sitting on the bench and waiting
Holding the crown in his hand

Stop one day and take some time
To look closely in the mirror
You may get a chance see her
And once more admire her shine


Anonymous said...

this little princess must find her way...:x

carmen said...

O poveste cu mistere... De fiecare parte a oglinzii cate un destin...ce putin le separa!

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