March 31, 2010

Never love

Never knew, never asked, never cared
Never thought that one day y'on't be there
Now I know, like a child, you got scared
Now I know that true love you can't bare

Can I hate that I love you so much
Now that you, baby, are out of touch?
No one here understands how can I
See the stars when I look in your eye

Baby love, now believe me, I know
To be loved there's a long way to go
Reach the stars now I can't, without you
Please come back in my arms. I'm a fool!

Never asked , never cared, never knew
What happened, what went wrong, was it you?
Was it me?....has to be! I don't know
So I' m here lying dead on the snow.

It was love.
Never less, nevermore.

*One of my first poems. Wrote it in 2007. Thought I had lost it.
Have to thank my English teacher for finding it back and much more...

*If this poem is as beautiful as some said....her version is even better:D
Never love translated in Romanian, by Carmen :)

Doar iubire a fost... Şi atât


no name said...

so this is the famous poem ha?:>

carmen said...

Din nou mai multe laude decat merit. Sa gasesti rime devine o rutina, dar sa spui ceva cu ele e ceea ce conteaza. De fiecare data lauda ti se cuvine.

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