March 19, 2010

One word

Like all that's left on earth for us
The sand flows down the hour glass
One spack of dust is all we are
In this big world that spreads so far

One word is all that needs 'be said
The one that makes us go ahead
One word we can not recognise
Can't see it's meaning with our eyes

One angel's all I want to see
'Cause only she can set me free
One kiss, one look into her eyes
The smile that i know never lies

Her hair that shines just like the sun
Her lips that sing a lullaby
Ohh.. then i wake up...and she's gone
But still i know it's not "Goodbye"

It was a dream, like all the rest
It will come true...I'll do my best

So what's the meaning of one's life?
To find true love? To do things right?
I think it's just living the day
And at the end, one word you say:


*A love love story....and she told the story in a way that no one else could have :)
Carmen... "Un cuvânt "


Carmen said...

Atunci cand vorbele picteaza imagini si cand se scurg ca muzica, atunci cand emotiile trec printre litere si ating sufletul celui care citeste, cand regasesti ganduri care au trecut pe langa tine si nu ai reusit sa le pui in cuvinte, atunci traiesti o bucurie a inimii si a mintii.

Anonymous said...

butterflies:P ..

the same friend said...

bine si asta imi place:))
cred ca am doua pe primu loc:>

u're sis said...

one word can bring happiness or it can touch you with sadness, but only a true feeling of love can do the most of harm... don't u ever forget that little bro:)

Geo said...


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