May 22, 2010

Another moment

Another day has passed without me seeing you
It hurts so bad but still I pretend it is not true
Another lonely sunrise I'm living without you
Can make me loose my mind, not knowing what to do

Another windy evening that I spend in the park
Apart from you just feels like I'm drowning in the dark
Another crowded plaza reminds me of the place
That we first met, my darling, something I can't erase

And I remember that day like it was yesterday
That angry bartender we didn't wanna pay
The flower that I bought you, that beautiful blue rose
The month we spent together to see how this thing goes

Another hour like this will be eternity
Another minute here is slowly burning through me
Another second missing you will mean I am dead
Another blink and I won't ever get out this bed


Anonymous said...

alta poezie extraordinara :X
felicitari :*

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