May 15, 2010


Sometimes you need some magic
To get you through the day
I sounds so tragic
But what is there to say?

When all that you believe real
Seems to be way offline
Faith is what makes your heart feel
Everything will be fine

Some of us call it magic
Most say it's just pure luck
When nothing else seems logic
When first reaction's shock

Magic, faith, luck, whatever
All of them are the same
They're in our mind for ever
It's all part of life's game

True magic's when a writer turns words into creation
When a few simple lines become one's soul salvation
And then it's also magic when two voices create
A love story in lyrics, performing a duet

Oh ... and one more thing then...magic's best form's called love
The only one that covers all that I've said above
Love's joy in it's best moments and hurting in it's worst
It's everything and nothing, the one, the last , the first.


Anonymous said...

inspiration :x

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