May 14, 2010

I was Jonah

What has God chosen me for?
If I can't see the path no more
How can I be the one to teach
Your will if mine is out of reach?

A simple man can't understand
What You have laid down in my hand
A simple man like me can't know
Your light to others how to show

Forgive me, God, but I just can't
Finish the task for which I have been sent
For this, I beg You, punish me
If not I will find my path on the blue sea

Inside the belly of a monster I'm exiled
For I have now been punished like a child
And by the end of this I'll be reborn
So I shall once more by this life be thorn

Please just set my empty soul free
You evil creature of the sea
As I have my own destiny
To be what only I can be

I fought and fought again, my way out of this jail
By force, by sacrifice, by scratching with my nails
I opened up a window through it's belly... insane
And woke up on an island alone with my own pain

I closed my eyes and prayed
As my own blood was flowing
I was no more afraid
'Cause I know where I'm going

I am to be reborn into a new existence
By the name Jonah never shall I be called upon
I am not dead but now all of my pain is gone
I've given in to faith and show no more resistance

*My homework at Romanian. Wouldn't have worked without the help of Carmen who translated it :)
Am fost Iona


be not blind said...

Very clever. :) If you appreciate biblical themes, you should check this one out of mine called -A Brown Sack Of Cash-

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