May 28, 2010

Te amo

I still remember that one day
Even though it's far away
It was this cold evening, last May
That haunts me every single day

I heard her knocking at my door
She was so beautiful that day
And if I didn't know for sure
I'd think an angel lost it's way

"Invite her in" the voices said
But never mind, she's way ahead
Dancing her way into the room
Before I could say "Back so soon?"

She took my hand into her own
While I sat there just like a stone
And then two words she finally said
That shattered me and left me dead:
"Te amo ..."

* A beautiful story that now has another version, in Romanian, that I know everyone of you will like, thanks to Carmen :D
Te amo


carmen said...

O poveste,ca o imagine,ca o secventa de film... multa emotie, o poezie frumoasa :X

Anonymous said...

two simple words that means a lot

another beautiful poem:x

Anonymous said...

the best thing in love is that you can love with no limits. And you can keep lieing again, with no limits. But the worst thing is when the lies come from the both sides. So, this is a world full of lies

Author said...

You are actually right. This world is full of lies. But if you are talking about lies in love, I think they may be told in order to protect love, that as you said, has no limits. But actually do we really need lies?

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