May 18, 2010

I'm here...

As darkness falls and white turns black
Don't even have to turn my back
Don't even have to close my eyes
It ain't that hard to depict lies

Where are you, my sweet girl?
"I'm here..."

I'm whispering into her ear
The words I know she likes to hear
They're on the ground carelessly laid
And then left there away to fade

Where are you, girl?

I turn away and walk towards the door
Leaving a lonely blue rose on the floor
And look into her green eyes one last time
Thinking that this could be that one last rime

Where are you?

* At first said that I wouldn't publish this poem as the emotions on which it was based we're pretty much unfounded.
But still, as I am trying to get all my lyrics together on this blog, I thought again and it should be here after all.
So...just hope you'll like it.
*And like always, Carmen shows me that talent can write any poem just as well as my over-reacted feelings :))
Here's "Sunt aici...", the translation :D.


carmen said...

Uneori imaginatia creeaza emotii la fel de intense ca cele reale... E atat de frumoasa si de adevarata!

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