May 13, 2010

She's playing...

A curious girl in such a big world
It's all in her hands like some little toys
And she likes to play like each of us all
But playing with feelings is not a good choice

'Cause hearts can be broken and wounds can't just heal
And playing with fire's a danger so real
'Cause one little girl in such a big world
Burns up my Heaven and makes Hell go cold

One sweet little girl in such a big world
Gives in to temptation and trusts some odd stranger
Risking her on that I just can't afford
Just look at me now! Still want this adventure?

Who's paying the price for one moment of laughter?
"Just having some fun" 's not the answer I'm after
I'm losing my mind... my soul I have sold
To one little girl in such a big world

*For once I actually think that my feelings have been better caught by another poem but mine. Talking about Carmen's version of this one, which I feel is more of me then my own , "Se joacă..."


carmen said...

E am incercat doar sa le fac sa semene cat de mult am putut... E o poezie care mi-a fost draga de cand am citit-o prima oara si care nu si-a gasit foarte usor cuvintele din limba romana.

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